Rape, Murder – Or Other ‘Little Different Things?’

Nice to read in the Guardian of some scum being deported to Jamaica.

The UK Home Office said that among the deportees…



…one had been convicted of murder, four of various sexual offences including rape…

…14 of drugs offences, six of violent crimes including grievous bodily harm and three of firearms and weapon offences.

But why did the Guardian complete that paragraph with one more sentence, viz.

They were said to include people who came to the UK as children and parents with British children.


It’s hardly germane.

No Brits in their right mind care a tinker’s cuss when the scum came to the UK, nor that they found time to breed, though the brats mentioned should never have been granted UK nationality if they were begat by aliens.


A bunch of evil-doers are out and that is where they should be.

But the intro to the story is interesting.

The Guardian quotes some Jamaican named Lamar, awaiting the undesirables’ arrival, awaiting his deported brother, in fact.

“They treat everybody just like criminals, just the same. But not everybody is a criminal, sometimes people get mixed up in little different things but that doesn’t make you bad.” 

But Lamar doesn’t say, or the Guardian doesn’t ask him, which ‘little different thing‘ his sibling might have got mixed up with – murder, rape, GBH?


Related image

David Lammy MP – we’ve noticed him before –Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy said sentences given to rioters had been too long. He said that there ‘is a sense that we punish the poorest the hardest’.   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2190087/One-jailed-rioters-freed-serving-half-sentence-likely-repeat-offenders.html –oh, and don’t let’s forget this – David Lammy MP urges Parliament to reject EU referendum result …


Lamar DOES tell the Guardian man ( or rather, using a video, shows him) the Labour MP David Lammy criticising the deportations in the Commons.

Lamar’s video is accurate.

Labour’s Lammy had been ranting in the Commons against these vile crimmigrants being kicked back where they belong. He accused the government of ‘pandering to the far right!’   https://www.theguardian.com/politics/video/2019/feb/05/david-lammy-accuses-government-of-pandering-to-far-right-over-windrush-video

So exactly which crimes mentioned above does Lammy reckon are NOT deserving of deportation?

Whilst searching for the Lammy link, I found a whole Guardian hoard of scribblings, all about these deportees…


Ugly Abbott

…with Corbyn’s ex-bedmate, Diane ‘Ugly’ Abbott, railing at the ‘brutal’ expulsions,  and other hacks whining too, like these-