ISIS Sow As Target Practice? The OPPOSITE Of ‘Islamophobia!’

If I spent my lazy weekend making dartboards and/or gun-range targets with pictures of Drunkard Juncker and Turncoat Tusk in the middle thereof…


….some might say it was bad taste  – but only a cretin would accuse me of ‘Middle-Aged-White-Men-Ophobia.’

Expressing detestation for loathesome individuals of a particular age-group, ethnicity or religion or sex ( aka ‘gender’ if you are a pinko dork!) carries NO implication of enmity towards all members of such categories – after all, I belong to the same categories as the two Euro-Rats myself!

Which brings me to the matter (again!) of Begum The Sow…


A shooting range in Liverpool is offering customers an image of Shamima Begum as a target


…and that inspirational idea of using her image for target practice.

Have a look at the video debate, via the RT link and read their report about a rabid ‘’Islamic Human Rights’ ranter, who claims that expressing absolutely righteous…..


The Evil Within

As the editor of puts it ‘…Maybe pretending to shoot Shamima is a worse crime than actually shooting a Yazidi woman who refuses to sexually service her jihadist enslaver?

….loathing for the Un-British little bitch as above incites hostility to Muslim women.

Harmless fun or racist? Analysts clash on use of ISIS bride Shamima Begum as shooting target

Slamming such “harmless fun” was Raza Kazim of the Islamic Human Rights Commission…..he said the target embodied a “racist environment” that was growing in the UK which was encouraging attacks on Muslim women.


Firing back, political commentator Andre Walker suggested Kazim should apologize to British Muslim women for suggesting the “terrorist” Begum was anything like them.

Well said Mr. Walker

There are Muslim women and Muslim women.

There are millions of them who behave and think like normal women everywhere.

Living in Indonesia, I know many of them.

There are others…



…primitive creatures, whose backward fanaticism is as abhorrent as the sow in the photo used for target practice.


As the rabid ranter’s debate opponent asserts clearly and rationally, to associate the latter with the former is a vile insult and likely, very likely, to exacerbate ‘Islamophobia.’