A Trans-Freak Jest? CDU’s AKK OK After All?

What an exhilirating outbreak of sanity!

I mean the German CDU chair’s thoroughly enjoyable joke about tranny-freaks, saying that the “latte macchiato faction” has “installed third-gender bathrooms” in cafés. She goes on to say that gender-neutral bathrooms are “for the men who can’t decide if they want to sit or stand when they pee.”


Frau Annegret attracted applause from her immediate audience, but boy (girl?thing?) ! –  is she ever catching hell from all the fans of freakery, not least the near-traumatised Klaus Lederer, Berlin’s pro-perv deputy mayor, who thought her merry jest a ‘tragedy…’

  ( is he normal, BTW?)

…as well another far-left Linke leader Dietmar Bartsch but also the so-called ‘centrist’ Free Democrats and even organised perverts within her own party, an arrogant band of aberrants called. ..  

Lesben und Schwulen

, …who are demanding an ‘apology from the CDU politician..’

For what?

Telling it like it is?

Recognising that  ‘men’ who think they’re women are risible?

Whether we should all now retreat from our initial suspicious stance…

Just Another Mini-Mama? AKK Ain’t OK! 

AKK: Merkel by other means
‘’  Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer
.– after all, she was Mama Stasi Merkel’s chosen heir –  


..and start hoping she might be better than Merkel ( a leprous camel would be better than Merkel, admittedly) all depends on what she does in response to the moaning maladjusts and their shrill supporters.

If she apologises, backtracks, beats a retreat, expresses due regret for the crime of possessing a wholesome sense of humour, then she will forfeit the respect which her joke earned.

If she tells the PC rat-pack to sod off, and continues cracking jokes at the expense of creeps who deliberately opt for an abnormal life-style, then who knows?

AKK could be OK!