Armageddon Looms – Fight Project Fear!

An all-day pro-Brexit meeting? YES!

Get yourselves armed…


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…with arguments against the Remainiacs’ Project Fear!

Bruges Group Meeting
Monday, 11th March From 1pm
Special Brexit votes and spending review meeting
Making the positive case for national independence

With the speakers; Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP, John Longworth, Tim Congdon CBE, Dr Gerard Lyons, and Professor Patrick Minford CBE

The speakers;


Rt Hon Sir John Redwood MP
Former Secretary of State and serving Privy Counsellor


John Longworth
Chairman of Leave Means Leave



Dr Gerard Lyons  Co-founder of Economists for Brexit


Tim Congdon CBE
Economist and advisor to previous Chancellors


Professor Patrick Minford CBE
Chairman, Economists for Free Trade

£10 payable on the door or in advance
Including drinks and refreshments

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