Never Let Begum Back – Ask Her Hosts To Hang Her!

Corbyn’s ugly ex-bedmate can try to score political points on the death of ISIS bitch Shamima Begum’s baby, …


Ugly Abbott

…but let’s be clear.

She chose freely to travel to the satanic gang’s ‘caliphate’  and she chose to mate with an evil savage. She was not raped, like so many female captives.

All that followed was down to her.


A shooting range in Liverpool is offering customers an image of Shamima Begum as a target

She was and is evil and deserves death.

Her baby didn’t, but his death too is a consequence of her choice to follow the path of evil.

But the shrills are chorusing, and that brings us to another news item.

Austria’s Interior Minister Herbert Kickl is usually a sensible fellow, which, as a leading light in the FPO patriot party,  is what we expect.

    • Good On Ya, Kickl! ISIS

    • But sometimes he errs, not dreadfully, but when fine-tuning the details of otherwise sound enough suggestions.

For example, his new proposal – to keep ISIS rape-gang vermin out of Europe by creating special courts – is not unreasonable…



…but any chance of justice would be vitiated if those tribunals were lumbered ‘with UN and EU involvement, as he has reportedly suggested.

The EUSSR’s neocolonialist attitude to non-European legal proceedings is notorious…


The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.

…and would there be ANY realistic chance of useful input from Ephialtes’ UN flunkeys…

Sticky-Beak UN

united natio


 …given how they are ever-ready to take the side of undesirables?

FAR better to hand the responsibility to locals.


The Kurds are good people, but even if they opt out, in disgust at their abandonment by Western ‘allies,’ both the Iraqi or the Syrian governments would offer a reasonable prospect of abundant death sentences…



…which are the only appropriate penalty for satanic jihadist scum….and speaking of which, what’s afoot – or atrot- with that pig we wrote about a while ago?

Daesh ‘Jihadi Jack’ Claims He Wants to Go Back to UK to See His Mum   

Or is Theresa May too busy wrecking Brexit to hold her arms wide open in welcome for yet another evil savage?