Tommy Book Ban? Remember When We Were Shocked By The Rushdie Affair?


Remember when that ignorant old savage in Tehran pronounced a ‘death sentence’ on Salman Rushdie, what, thirty five years ago, for no other reason than that the man had written a book the old bigot didn’t like?

We were all horrified.

We found it incredible that writing a book, publishing a book, about anything, could by any standards by deemed an outlaw activity.



After all, we can buy Marx’s Das Kapital in most big bookshops, and his works bore, still bear, responsibility for more evil in the world than any other ‘intellectual’ enterprise.

Yet now we have Amazon, which carries both Rushdie’s and Marx’s books, and Mein Kampf, BTW, refusing to sell copies of Tommy Robinson’s book.


Amazon bans book co-written by Tommy Robinson from their website

AND the arrogant little pillocks who serve as Amazon censors won’t even tell us WHY!


I’ve used Amazon in the past.

But I detest book-burners, book-ban bigots, whether here in Indonesia…

…or anywhere!

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Amazon bans book co-written by Tommy Robinson from their website

Amazon Bans Tommy Robinson’s Book, ‘Mohammed’s Koran’

Amazon Bans Tommy Robinson’s Book, ‘Mohammed’s Koran’

by Robert Spencer

Anyone who has written a book that is critical of anything should read the writing on the wall and realize that once this censorship begins, it won’t end with Tommy Robinson or Qur’an-critical booksRead more »

Now for the fight-back! A boycott to begin with?


When will pro-free-speech supporters start a petition to get the book on sale again?!?