Yellow-Belly Donkeys’ Dirty Tricks Again! Hands Off ‘March To Leave!’

The most cowardly crew in Britain, the lousy leftists who hide behind the ‘Led By Donkeys’ label, are now waging subversive war on the planned patriot March To Leave!

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We can despise Fourth Reich fans like Soubry but at least she doesn’t hide her identity when she calls for continued foreign rule.

But these gutless law-breaking swine need to be dragged out of the shadows and exposed.

I’m not in the UK but there are plenty of resourceful patriots on the scene who should expend some of their political skills and investigative talents and rip off the mask these malignants use to disguise their true names and motives.

Given that they have admitted dishonesty ( though they now have plenty of dough so don’t, it seems, feel the need to rip off other people’s poster-sites – a criminal inclination noted in our previous post on their Europhiliac activities – )

UK Media Cover-Up Dirty Donkeys’ I.D! 

…it’s somewhat odd that the police are not pursuing them, but then we know that there are Brussels crawlers within the constabulary too.

Somebody has to get to work on this!.