California Drivel – Democrat Scorns Democracy, Fawns On Killers!

Shocking (but since it’s 2019 and it’s in California, not really) news from Sacramento, where the Sunshine State’s Governor,  Gavin Newsom, a Democrat who clearly has little time for democracy, has brightened the day of every blood-thirsty killer on Death Row.


Loathesome Newsom


While the simpering liberal leftist may have delighted many a murderer, he has flouted the clearly, democratically, expressed wishes of the citizenry.

California voters have rejected an initiative to abolish the death penalty and in 2016, they approved Proposition 66 to help speed it up.

As the spokesman for the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation pointed out –

“Voters have had multiple opportunities in California over three decades to abandon the death penalty and they’ve shut them down at every chance.”

So henceforth the only chance of justice for depraved killers is if cops manage to shoot them during the arrest process.




Fingers crossed!

Newsom is a loathesome specimen, who has a history of crawling to unwholesome creatures. As far back as 2004, he approved pervert weddings in San Francisco, using his powers as mayor there to advance the ‘gay’ agenda.

Unfortunately, he’s not unique – California has been a political and moral cess-pool for years.

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The greats of the state’s history must be turning in their graves.