Awful Amber Grovels To Race-Obsessed Uptights!

Sticking up for the ghastly Amber Rudd is irksome to say the least but when a bunch of whining dorks start sticking it to her for using a perfectly inoffensive phrase like ‘coloured people’ – it really is time somebody slapped the uppities down.


amber rudd


According to The Independent, Rudd is being ‘lambasted’ for describing the repulsive Diane Abbot as a ‘coloured woman.’

Here’s a picture of Corbyn’s ex-bed-mate…

Ugly Abbott

…and I could use some fairly mean adjectives to describe her.

But since she is clearly not a white woman, and, like many West Indian-origin people, not really very black either, I’d have thought ‘colored’ is both reasonably accurate and plainly inoffensive.

Bored at home on Sunday, I took the trouble to look into the origin of the childish prejudice that some coloured people have about being called ‘coloured people!’

Apparently it’s because such usage implies that ‘white’ is normal and everybody else is therefore not!

Go figure.

Seems to be just another example of uptight obsession with race.



Even more so, when the uptights’ preferred mode of description turns out to be ‘people of colour!’

What’s the diff?

If  comparison of ‘white’ with ‘colour’ is what provokes infantile tantrums like that currently besetting Awful Amber, then ‘coloured people’ is neither more nor less  provocative than ‘people of colour.’

‘Mulatto’ was the traditional word for somebody of mixed white and black race – were Abbot to be thus addressed, would she explode?

Now there’s a thought!

These whiney wallies are SO tiresome.

But what is most pathetic is Rudd’s subsequent grovelling.


She is humbly ‘apologising’ for her “clumsy language,” instead of telling the pathetic clown critics to get a life!