Estonian Patriots Coming In From The Cold! Bravo, EKRE!

Welcome news from the chilly shores of the Baltic, Estonia, to be precise, where the ruling party unexpectedly opened the door for anti-immigrant populists to join another European Union government.

Yes, obviously a promising step, but more than that, because not only may EKRE, the patriot party we have written about before…

Estonian Patriots, Rising And Shining! 

…have high hopes of getting some of their sensible polices ( defined with typical crass media bias as railing against immigrants and claiming the EU increasingly resembles the Soviet Union…



…and vowing to take back sovereignty from the bloc…

Shock Move Gives Populists a Chance at Government in Estonia

… aboard the government agenda if they join a coalition, this represents a major blow to the anti-democratic stance taken, in the past and present, in several countries.

I refer to the way political elites refuse to respect the millions of citizens who vote patriot, an obvious example being Estonia’s Baltic neighbour, Sweden, which spent hectic months of inter-party wheeling and dealing after the last election..

Does Hope Truly Hover, As Swede Patriots Surge! .

…trying to put together a government without the Sweden Democrats despite the major electoral support SD had amassed.

The Brussels Empire infamously interfered in Austria’s internal affairs back in the Nineties, impudently imposing diplomatic ‘sanctions’ because the FPO patriots were brought into a coalition there…

Sanctions Against Austria Pose Troubling Questions for the EU

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…and in  fact, under Juncker The Drunkard, the EUSSR has not abandoned that arrogant approach, as we heard during recent Austrian elections.

Tormented Europe’s Reward? ‘Do As You’re Told!’ Says Brussels 

Estonia’s Center Party was party to a similar arrogant exclusiionist strategy, but now political reality has supervened. They’re in talks with EKRE, and about bloody time.

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EKRE banner


After all, EKRE got something like 18% of the votes, is the third largest party in parliament, and it’s political lunacy to snub the patriots.

We shall see.

Already, some left-liberal Center Party apparatchik has resigned in protest at this new attitude of respect for the electorate’s wishes.

And at least some of the rot that affects West European media has been spotted in Tallin.

EKRE OK! Media Bigot Snarls, As Estonian Patriots Surge! 

And foreign media too have taken sides – this very morning, today, DW, Germany’s state broadcaster, has been screening a vicious interview in which EKRE’s vice-chair is repeatedly shouted down.  

But nevertheless, fingers crossed!