Why Let The Creep Back Into Any Oz Class-Room?

While history teaching must of course be fact-based,it should also be presented in such a way as to instil patriotic pride among the youngsters on the receiving end of the lessons.




In Australia, there are some elements (which in all honesty should not be in Australia at all!) that may well be teaching poisonous piffle about key segments of the country’s history – if the gang known as Hizbut Tahrir Australia manage to insert ‘teachers’ into some of the sectarian schools currently…

Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Australian leader recently called on the country to become an Islamic state ruled by Islamic law and for a boycott of Anzac Day.   http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/national/australias-generation-jihad-is-homegrown/story-fnii5s41-1226653324521

…and ill-advisedly, allowed to operate, kids might be taught that the heroic Anzacs were on the wrong side, that the ghastly caliphate’s forces were the ‘good guys’ in WW1 !

During a drama class last month at a north Sydney school, the teacher told two dozen nine-year-olds to draw a picture of something that represented their family, heritage or identity.

After they’d finished, the teacher grabbed the drawings done by the children and proceeded to tear the drawings to shreds.

“Now you know how Aboriginal Australians felt when everything was taken away from them,” the teacher told the kids, according to 2GB’s Ben Fordham.

In a statement, Knox Grammar School confirmed the teacher had been disciplined by the school and had apologised to their students.


Send the swine packing!




Children should be taught to be proud of their country, of their forebears and of the way a barren wilderness has been turned into a prosperous modern nation.