Shocking Crime In NZ But No Excuse For Repression!

I have only just got home tonight, a long trek through Jakarta traffic, so only now have heard and seen the news from New Zealand.

The people with whom I was passing my time today were all Indonesians, some Muslims and some Christians. I think one was Buddhist too, but we don’t spend our time together talking about religion.

They are well-educated, friendly, pleasant young adults, men and women, and I enjoyed my conversation with them – much of the chat centred on Brexit!

I have numerous Indonesian Muslim friends, as regular readers know.

The idea that any of my social circle, of any religion, might be shot down, merely for attending their house of worship, is appalling to me. The same feeling arose when I learned  about the attack in Christchurch today.

Indiscriminate slaughter of men, women and children at prayer is repulsive.

Having said that, let’s also be clear about potential government responses.

This act of terrorism must not be exploited by leftists and liberals to make any creed immune from criticism.

Freedom of expression has already been stomped to this end in Europe.

Already – and I have only been home less than an hour and the TV on less than that – I’ve read of fanatical Australian legislator instantly smearing nationalist/populist politicians (she subsequently attacked two other Australian legislators, but I will not repeat her incitatory rhetoric here) for having ‘blood on their hands.’

That is irresponsible and indefensible.