MYOB, Meddler! Strasbourg Slug Guy Sticky-Beaking In Estonia!

I hope that Mr. Ratas, Estonia’s PM, has enough self-respect and national pride to tell that arrogant Belgian, Guy Verhofstadt, to MYOB!




Unabashed by revelations that his ALDE  left-lib group in Strasbourg has had its snout in the pockets of big business, both Google and Microsoft lavishing largesse on Ghastly Guy’s gang…

Investigations by French media Le Monde and France 2 earlier this week showed that the liberal ALDE grouping had accepted 425,000 euros (480,000 dollars) since 2014 from major companies including Google, Microsoft and Bayer to pay for its annual conferences…

…the Belgian Sticky-Beak’s sheer nosey-parker impudence is such that he’s now ‘firmly asking’ ( aka dictating) which democratically elected parties may or may not serve in their country’s government.

“I am writing to firmly ask you not to form a coalition with the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia,” said The Meddler.

And why not?

Because EKRE, which we wrote about here just a day or so ago…

Estonian Patriots Coming In From The Cold

…is, in Ghastly Guy’s far from humble opinion, “a far-right party which is reminiscent of fascist regimes in Europe!”

Since there are currently no ‘fascist regimes’ in existence in Europe today, presumably he’s likening the democratic patriots of EKRE to Mussolini’s or maybe Hitler’s.


EKRE’s platform demands MORE democracy in Estonia…



…not less!

And not just hogwash, but hypocrisy – look at this!


Hasil gambar untuk sinn fein Guy Verhofstadt
Anti-British Handshake – Sinn Féin boss O’Neill and Guy Verhofstadt
‘Yes, I do find and understanding with him…’

Grimnasty Guy is not in the least fastidious about the sort of putrid parties he’s prepared to collaborate with – he’s been caught on camera hanging out with Sinn Fein, the vermin party, soul-mates in their enmity towards British self-determination.

Just A Europhiliac Guy – Who Spits In Ulster’s Face! 

But since when does Guy care for consistency? Anything that threatens his beloved EUSSR becomes a target of his deranged ravings.

The Sprout backs up his rant with a veiled threat to the Center Party – defenestration from ALDE!

“It is my firm belief that such a cooperation would be harmful for the Estonian society and its geopolitical position, and also cause irreparable damage to our excellent cooperation inside the Liberal family,” he added.


And that would mean losing access to the ALDE conferences funded by leftist social media companies like Google!


PS. – As it happens, ALDE has announced it will no longer accept the plutocrat’ donations, not, Guy makes clear, because he’s troubled by conscience…


…but simply because the exposure of such funding is an embarrassment!