Sky News Collaborates In Anonymous Ass Cover-Up!

And another pusillanimous part of the UK media shows its true  – and truly unprofessional – colours!

media bias

Looking at reports on the March For Leave today, we read that a rabble of Europhiliacs showed up to proclaim their devotion to the Brussels Empire, including…

mule…Campaign group Led By Donkeys, whose organisers want to remain anonymous … Sky News


If you or I went sneaking around spreading the Brexit gospel, adopting a freaky nom-de-plume, the media vultures would swoop to ID us soon enough.

Different story, though, when anti-patriots are the culprits!

These shady creeps are not honest men, but rather dodgy characters –  scofflaws…



…shameless asses, but ashamed to show their faces!


…quite bare-faced about having moved in on sites that belonged to other people, in order illegally to slap up their propaganda posters.

Honest citizens have a right to know who these scumbags are, but, so far…



….the media-hack rat-pack in Britain has conspired to keep the no-goods safely skulked under whatever slimy stone they call home.


Sky News has now shown its hand, collabos, like the Guardian, with the cowardly Donkey dirt-bags.

Where is honest journalism in 2019 UK?

Why won’t they report the truth?



Why won’t journos do the job their paid to do?