Yes, Another Petition! For Religious Liberty!

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One of the US government’s most important tools to fight persecution is a commission known by its acronym: USCIRF (United States Commission on International Religious Freedom).
USCIRF was created by the US Congress to hold foreign governments accountable for persecution and to push for greater religious freedom. It also exists to act as a gadfly to the US government to focus on religious freedom in our relations with other nations.
Every few years, USCIRF must be reauthorized by Congress in order for it to keep doing the essential work of monitoring religious freedom conditions around the world.
It is now time for its reauthorization.
USCIRF serves a crucial role in regards to persecution.   


Please sign this petition requesting Congress to reauthorize USCIRF and pass it on to as many friends as possible.  
There are those who would like to see USCIRF go away, but we can’t stress enough how important their work is.


Will you join us in our efforts to protect religious liberty around the world? Sign thepetition today. 
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