If You See This Man, Call The Cops!

I saw on the news today that the trial of one of the aliens accused in last year’s Chemnitz stabbing case…

Mama Stasi’s Smear Refuted, By Her Own Security

….which caused high-level ructions and exposed Merkel as a smear-merchant, goes on trial today.

But only one man, a Syrian ‘refugee,’ is in court. An Iraqi is being sought by German Police, via Interpol, to ‘help with enquiries!’

Although my readership numbers only in the hundreds, my stats page shows the readers are spread all over the world.

Given that many European countries, notably Germany…


…have weak border controls and pusillanimous governments which do nothing to corral illegal alien immigrants, this man could be walking down the same street you are.



Murder suspect Farhad Ramazan Ahmad (Polizei Sachsen)

So as a public service, here’s a photograph of the Iraqi, Farhad Ramazan Ahmad,  aged 22, ‘possibly armed and dangerous!’

If you should happen to see him,do not approach!