Nasty News, Curious Questions, From ‘Diverse’ Utrecht!

The ‘breaking news’ from Holland began with bare details, so one of the international channels available here in Indonesia had some lady on to tell us ‘a little about Utrecht.’


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Another nice, old, once-Dutch city, now ‘diverse…’


A brief general outline of the city followed, but as soon as we heard that it was ‘diverse’ I sensed what the whole story would reveal.

Now we know that the police are hunting for some ‘Turkish-origin’ inhabitant of The Netherlands, and while we wait and hope that no further innocent lives are lost and hope too that whoever the gunman may be, he is shot dead by police and thus no waste of money on a trial and prison arises from this murderous atrocity…


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Gokman Tanis (born in Turkey)

BBC Turkish quoted an anonymous businessperson as saying.“He was arrested over suspected links to the ISIL a few years ago and then released,”


…we have a picture of somebody who may be able to help police enquiries…


…and we have a question.

No, not the obvious one, like why an ISIS suspect was not instantly deported.

No, I prefer a more general query.

Why have so many Turks (oh, and BTW, Moroccans too ) gotten residence rights in a country with which neither Turkey nor Morocco have any historical or cultural connection?