A Wise Dutch Decision – Beards Are NOT Compulsory For Muslims!

“Due to the refusal to participate in the training, the appellant did not make use of the guaranteed opportunity to gain access to the labour market. As a result, he put undue pressure on the public funds to the detriment of those who, in solidarity, bear the costs of the provisions in the Participatiewet.”

That’s part of a news report last month, on a Muslim man in Holland, whose welfare benefits were stopped when he refused, on sectarian grounds, to give up sporting a beard  – as was required on health and safety grounds for the job he was given a chance to train for.



We read in the rest of the report that the lawyers representing him (no doubt paid out of the Dutch tax-payers’ pockets!) tried to tell the judge that beards are now one of the rapidly proliferating  ‘human rights…’

…that everybody must bow down before.

Muslims, even those most devoted to shariah, are NOT obliged to wear hair on their chins.

Take a look at Indonesia’s Presidential candidate, Prabowo, who is proud to be Muslim, and his Vice-Presidential candidate, Sandiaga Uno, who has expressed enthusiasm for the introduction of shariah night-life to uplift our hot, and, for the time bering, still quite good fun, Jakarta…


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…who are running against President Jokowi, who, as you can see, is similarly beardless




…as well as HIS running-mate, Ma’aruf Amin, who may well be more Islamic than anyone else in the country, as we have noted in our various observations on his remarkable pronouncements.


ma'arruf amin


So the ruling in The Netherlands should, if anything, have been much more general, rather than merely handling sensibly the beard-whining of a fanatic .

The judges ruled that the suspension of payments was “deemed necessary in the interest of the protection of the rights and freedoms of others…”   https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/27/netherlands-cuts-muslim-mans-benefits-refusing-shave-beard

Judges and tribunals should not be wasting time on this kind of stuff, but if they are legally obliged to be, then that particular ruling should be expanded to deal with benighted burka-clad bints, and in fact with those women who insist that their head-scarfing is more than a mere affectation.

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Causing a fuss about these matters merely provokes Islamophobia, as do the arrogant antics of employees who take jobs knowing the hours of work required then go moaning to tribunals about not getting extra time off for prayers

More Muslim Workers Allege Bias Tied to Prayer Breaks

Unfortunately, in America, they are getting away with it…


… with the eager backing of the infamous CAIR!

Our police officers in Jakarta, and the doctors and nurses in the hospitals, do not leave their duties unattended when the call to prayer echoes.

They understand and shoulder the responsibilities to carry out the duties for which they are paid.

So should everyone, of every creed.