Time To Badger Big-Nose Brok?

Remember this arrogant sticky-beak?

“The specter [of a hard Brexit] could be ended now with a new referendum on Brexit itself,”says Elmar Brok.


‘Brexit coordinator for the European People’s Party in the European Parliament’ 

Look Into The Arrogant Eyes Of Merkel’s Meddler!

No surprise to note that Brok’s previous job was in journalism, since the German media must be one of the worst in Europe.

 ‘Reporter Of The Year?’ – A Dirty Lying Fraud!

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Hintergrundgespräch – Free Beer For The Shirkers? 

Now he’s once more ventured, arrogantly repeated, his intrusions into British internal affairs…Senior MEP says independent Scotland could ‘easily’ enter the EU…clearly encouraging the SNP separatists.

But aside from being offensive to British people, Brok has offended a LOT of German people, after recent reports showed off another side of this Strasbourg Slug’s character!


It truly makes one sick to read about such rotten behaviour, but then he is hardly atypical of his comrades in the ‘European Parliament.’