Dutch Election -Principled Politics Pays!

Baudet shocked establishment parties this week by blaming the government’s migration policy for the Utrecht attack just hours after the shooting. All other parties had suspended campaigning.


Thierry Baudet (2018).jpg

Thierry Baudet

By ‘suspending campaigning,’ the appeasement parties meant copping out, refusing to name the atrocity for what it was, “a combination of an honor killing and a half-terrorist motive…” as Baudet put it.

The Forum for Democracy, and its leader, Thierry Baudet, whom we’ve previously noted…

Good Dutch News, Bad Dutch Man – Time To Exert People Power! 

…broke the establishment parties’ spineless silence, acted as principled patriots, and spoke up for all the decent Dutch, outraged that Islamist evil had blighted their land…

– not for the first time –

Image result for van gogh Islamist murder

Bouyeri shot van Gogh eight times, then slit his throat and stabbed him in the chest. Prior to his murder, van Gogh had released the 10-minute movie “Submission,” which dealt with the institutionalized violence against women in Islamic societies. http://www.examiner.com/article/death-threat-to-euro-politician-results-fine-community-service-again—-

…and thus deserved the huge vote they got, which has cost the left- liberal PM Rutte, whose mealy-mouthings we’ve also previously noted…


Hasil gambar untuk merkel rutte

Rutte with Mama Stasi Merkel – two of a kind!

Rotten Rutte Targets Dutch Democracy! 

….his control of the The Netherlands Senate.

True, the rising patriot stars took some of Geert Wilders’ votes, but clearly took a lot more from voters who, having previously put up with the in-crowd, finally woke up to the need for a powerful people’s voice in parliament.

The Dutch ruling class has been EUSSR-collaborationist for years, even before they stabbed their country in the back on the EuroCon.

Many older patriots remember, and have told a lot of younger ones, about how the Dutch kicked the Brussels Empire in the teeth in the 2005 referendum –

referendum, 2005
Are you For of or Against approval by the Netherlands of the treaty establishing a constitution for Europe?
Location Netherlands
Date 1 June 2005
Votes %
For 2,940,730 38.46%
Against 4,705,685 61.54%
Valid votes 7,646,415 99.24%

–  only to be betrayed and denied any other Euro-referendum ever since.




Smash the EUSSR and the Enemy Within!