Fake ‘Right’ Strasbourg Slugs Gang Up On Hungary!

Well, for pity’s sakes!

Do the so-called ‘centre-right parties’ really think that Hungarian hero Viktor Orban gives even a rat’s ass about their moves to expel him from the ( very dishonestly named )’European People’s Party’ gang in Strasbourg.



While Orban may have found the EPP a useful forum from time to time, the great majority of the fake-right parties – who are so NON-right that even Europhiliac Cameron led the UK Tories out of the bloc, have shown such scant regard for the ‘people’ that they are facing a frightful flogging in the up-coming ‘European Parliament’ elections.

This week we heard that Frau Kramp-Karrenbauer….


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A membership “freeze” would be an option…”


….Mama Stasi’s heir designate, had suggested Orban’s Fidesz party be put on probation, pending an investigation into the Hungarians’ naughty tendency to tell the truth about the migrant menace, and about the sell-out swine who Brussels Empire, notably the old lush pictured below…



…Drunkard Juncker,  who thinks the EPP should ‘kick out’ Fidesz.’

Today we read that the Merkelite option was preferred to that favoured by The Drunk.

Orban should not buckle. nor give their hectoring lectures the time of day.

Instead of going along with the ‘suspension,’ he should repudiate the jelly-fish fake-right and walk out proudly, ready to launch the resistance alliance which Italy’s Matteo Salvini has been proclaiming for some time.



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