Ingrate Migrant’s Attempted Massacre Of Innocents Thwarted? So What Next?

Italian driver hijacks and torches school bus full of children

BBC News10 hours ago



A bus carrying 51 schoolchildren was hijacked by its driver and set alight near Milan in Italy…

The Evil Within

  • You need to read down a bit on the BBC report before you get to the interesting fact, that a ’47-year-old Italian citizen originally from Senegal, has been arrested.

“No-one will survive,” the driver was alleged to have said.

To be fair to the UK state broadcaster, their noonday news (Jakarta time) was more helpful, clearly identifying the driver as “Senegalese.”

So who gave this evidently savage and ingrate migrant citizenship?


Will much closer vetting of citizenship applicants now be instituted?

Of course Ousseynou Sy, who ‘was known to be angry about Italy’s immigration policy,’ the man held in connection  with the nightmare plan to murder a bus-load of chldren, will go on trial and if convicted will be punished – one hopes with a draconian sentence.


The ideal penalty


But clearly if all those stages of the legal process are completed and he serves time for the crime, he MUST then be stripped of Italian nationality and sent back to Senegal.

Italy has enough home-grown criminals. Outsiders who settle there and who demonstrate an inability to abide by Italian laws…


…especially when such lawlessness is demonstrated by attempts to commit unspeakable atrocities, should be put down or put out.