BBC’s Trump-Hate Bias – Again!

If you hear some rabid left-liberal millenial moron ranting that ‘Republicans have sided with Ttump rather than protect the American public,’ then you just assume it’s one of CNN’s propagandists, the queer Don Bitter Lemon, or Kermit Cuomo, pretending to be impartial journalists.

But this afternoon, 2pm Jakarta time, that was what we got on BBC World News.

After the news that the Mueller mess was drawing to a conclusion, they had an ‘expert’ guest on, to ‘explain’ the issues involved in  what he elegantly called ‘the political crime of the the century.”.. “by a foreign autocrat.”…”with the encouragement’ of  –

– guess who..?


…..Trump, of course!

They told us their American ‘guest’ was Steve Fish, a professor, no less, located at the notorious University of California’s Berkely campus, a place that has stunk of left extremism since the 1960s…

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…and WOW, whay a surprise, when…


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…Fish lived up to what were surely the BBC’s fondest expectations with that line we quoted above,  part of a vicious anti-Trump, and anti-Republican diatribe which also included his ever-so-exquisite example of academic objectivity, viz. –

…that the Republicans had a choice, to be, ‘loyal to the country or loyal to Trump.’

No suggestion, no recognition on Fish’s part at all, that one might, like millions of Americans, be both.

If the UK state-broadcaster had invited a Democrat politician aboard, Schumer, maybe, or Pocahontas Warren, fair enough, as long as they had a Republican to offer less rabid imbalance.

But to introduce Professor Fish as an American academic, as if we were about to hear a dispassionate discourse on the ins and outs of the investigation/witch-hunt…


…was a deliberate attempt to hoodwink viewers.

The man was among the most partian US leftists I’ve encountered on the box.

The BBC is infamous for the way it chooses ‘guests’ who detest Trump, Trump voters and Republicans in general.

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It should be closed down, or privatised.

There’s no excuse for any public money to be poured into this Trumpophobic trough.