DWs Dubious Denials On Menacing Migrants!

DW’s determination to present multiculturalism as a harmless, even delightful, phenomenon is almost touching.

This month’s gem is their report on the transformation over several decades of the Sonnenallee district from a German neighbourhood into something resembling a casbah.

This should be a major cause for concern, because if, like it or not, the alien colonisation were a brand-new development, one might expect the area to be Un-German in its sights and sounds.

Migrants cannot do the decent thing and assimilate to their new country overnight.

But after two or more generations?

….its Arab community is quite diverse, and includes many Lebanese and Palestinians who arrived in the 1970s and 1980s. Moreover, roughly a quarter of the people with foreign citizenship have a Turkish background…



‘Germans’ who came out to cheer for Turkey’s Erdolf when he visited Merkel last year…

Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan 


….whom one can reasonably assume to have arrived way back in the Wirtschafftwunder 1960s, imported as gastarbeiter, guest-workers, guests who simply decided all by themselves to outstay their welcome indefinitely and, inexplicably, were never asked to go home.

It’s an outrage.

These people have had PLENTY of time to slough off their alien character, to adapt, to have learned to act and think and look like Germans, but, while some have certainly absorbed the ways of the civilised land they chose to settle in, many are clearly recalcitrant, unwilling to assimilate.

Thinking Germans have long been aware of this disturbing truth – but as Thilo Sarazin discovered some years ago…

Thilo Sarrazin

…to speak up has been met with a vicious multicultist counter-attack

Aliens who wish to stay alien should of course go back to the alien countries whose alien customs and alien culture they prefer to those of the nation they live in, were born in, even.

Read what DW admits is the situation in Sonnenallee today.

…it’s undeniable that the atmosphere on Sonnenallee is considerably brusquer and potentially more intimidating to outsiders than in Berlin’s more genteel districts.

Groups of young men congregate on street corners talking loudly among themselves, and traffic is constant and aggressive, punctuated by police and ambulance sirens…

There are still Germans living there.

But having given us a look at the current scene, DW goes on to say that…

Nor can the street be described as a model of integration. Arab and non-Arab residents and frequenters of Sonnenallee confirm that interaction between the two groups is minimal. To an extent, parallel societies really do exist here.

No wonder Herr Karsten Woldeit, the local spokesman for what the biased DW hack slurs as the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, makes the logical deduction…


Image result for karsten woldeit afd

…that one cause of crime is the “insufficient willingness to integrate among people from certain cultural circles.”   https://www.dw.com/en/berlins-sonnenallee-is-germanys-best-known-crime-scene-all-that-bad/a-47741907

“For years we failed to address the problem in the name of a wrongly understood tolerance, and that is now coming back to haunt us bitterly,” says Woldeit.

Of course, DW finds a local senior cop to disagree with Woldeit, as the higher ranks tend to, and not just in Berlin…

 Shocker – Honest Cop Unmasks Migrant Crime Cover-Up! 

…but the cop is naive enough to say that ‘ I can’t see why an inability to integrate should play a role because I’m not familiar enough with this circle of people as a whole.”

Good grief!

If a ‘certain circle of people’ disdains the basics of the German way of life, why would they respect German law?

Oh, and we get to hear from a ‘fashion designer,’ believe it or not, whose eagerness to ignore her own experience is astounding!

She says in the early days, Arab youths in their teens or even younger tried to rob her twice. But the fashion designer remained undeterred, characterizing the incidents more as childish follies than serious attempts. 


“Childish follies?”

That’s a phrase perhaps more aptly applied to getting a sore little tum due  to eating too much ice-cream!

But Danke, Fraulein, for reinforcing what we’ve been suggesting about crime – unlike kids from German families in the area, the alien brats get their kicks by violent theft from inoffensive non-alien women!

DW, needless to say, exults in telling us that ‘young entrepreneurs’ like her aren’t put off by relatively high crime rates…

And while undoubtedly aware of all of the above…


merkel danger


…Merkel STILL deliberately, dementedly, threw open German borders to something like a MILLION more aliens?