Another ‘Kill Un-Believers’ Plot? Why Don’t Germans Expel Salafists?

The main suspects were a 21-year old man from Offenbach and two 31-year brothers from Wiesbaden, all of whom were associated with the Islamist Salafist community in the Frankfurt area

Since Germans have been fully aware of the frightening fact that the beliefs held by Salafists are totally unacceptable, not just in terms of adherence to civilised values, but on the key question of loyalty to Germany.  Salafists put supranational sectarian solidarity above their duty to the land they live in…



Hence this latest report, on a fanatical terror plot, by Islamist extremists to kill ‘as many people as possible,’ can hardly be a shock.

Besides the three mentioned, another seven people have been held.

The authorities have said that only some of the ‘suspects’ hold German citizenship, so the rest presumably do not.

The ‘other nationalities’ are therefore eligible for deportation.

But it should never have come to this.

Wow! ‘Only Half Of Dangerous Islamists Are Dangerous?’ 

 –Hinder Dangerous Jihadists? OMG…That’s ”Hardline!” 


It WOULD never have come to this, were Mama Stasi Merkel and her creepy coalition not more concerned with the perceived ‘rights’ of undesirable aliens than with the safety of German men, women and children.


They are believed to have agreed to carry out an Islamist, terrorist attack using a vehicle and guns that would kill as many ‘non-believers’ as possible,” the statement from the Frankfurt prosecutors said.

There are thousands, tens of thousands, of Salafists in Germany.

Some undoubtedly arrived as part of Mama Stasi’s tsunami.


merkel danger


Some have been around for longer than that.

Some may well have German citizenship.

Round them all up!

Where necessary, remove that citizenship  – if it takes a referendum to change the constitution to do so, so be it – then do the righteous thing!


out with them

Throw them OUT!