Communist Swine Admits Murders – How About The Pinkos Who Defended Him?

Former communist militant Cesare Battisti has admitted to four murders in Italy during the 1970s, according local press. Battisti, 64, spent decades on the run and previously denied any involvement.

It took the election of the admirable Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil to get this piece of marxist filth deported, after socialist regimes in France   (where similarly evil reds have been allowed to prowl freely for years!) as well as Brazil, had shielded him from justice, as we reported not long ago.


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Marxist murderer Cesare Battisti, who belonged to the Armed Proletarians for Communism guerrilla group.


Unfortunately, Italy has no death penalty, richly deserved in thiis case, but he will get serious punishment, one hopes.

However, I see at least some Italians are now asking if all the ‘intellectual’ vermin who consistently defended the foul fugitive will also show contrition.

Don’t hold your breath.

Left-liberal ‘intelligentsia’ are, as a rule, on a moral scale…


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…infinitely lower than a snake’s belly – yes, in a wagon rut!