Now Piracy Pays! Surely Better Just Hang Migrant Hi-Jackers!

Migrants have hijacked a merchant vessel that rescued them off Libya’s coast, ordering the crew to head towards Malta, reports say.

The aim of these savages was to reach Europe, and, with not atypical ‘migrant’ ingratitude…

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…they turned on the ill-advised rescuers and seized the ship.

Now the scum have got what they wanted, safely ashore in Malta, thanks to that small republic’s leftist Europhiliac government…

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…which had its armed forces board the hi-jacked vessel.

Once the pirates were brought under control ( pity they weren’t shot on sight!), their captors could have called up Libya to retrieve the illegals.

Instead the Maltest supinely granted the wannabe bludgers’ dearest wish.



This is a disgraceful outcome.

 In and of itself, it’s bad to reward lawless ratbags.

Infinitely worse, all those illegal immigrants back in North Africa, who have, again ill-advisedly, been left in possession of mobile phones…

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…will by now be fully aware that,  thanks to Brussels pin-up boy, the Maltese PM Joseph Muscat…

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Piracy Pays!



It was Italian hero Matteo Salvini who inspired my headline, by describing the latest crimmigrant mayhem as an ‘act of piracy.’

On the latest BBC bulletin, 5pm Jakarta time, we had a pedantic yapper telling us that ‘technically’ Salvini was wrong – two ships have to be involved before it’s “.piracy.”

So because the scum did not attack from another ship but instead merely defiled every standard of decency by hi-jacking the ‘good-samaritan’ cargo ship that saved their lousy asses from the sea, are said to have acted after being told they would be taken back to Libya…it’s not piracy!


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What the Hell.

Hang the S.O.Bs anyway!