Don’t Grieve For That Remainer Millionaire!

Despite the fake ‘pro-Brexit’ Theresa May’s expressions of solidarity with her fellow-Remainer MPs…




…the noisome filthy-rich Dominic Grieve MP lost the confidence of his local Conservative Party members, who voted against him last night by a significant majority.

A good thing too, because he is one of the most bitter Europhiliacs in the House of Commons.

But plenty of worthless wallies at Westminster are weeping and wailing on the ratbag’s behalf.

These parliamentarians seem to regard it as shocking that mere commoners dare suggest upper-crust arrogants like Grieve – reported to be worth 3,000,000 pounds sterling ten years ago…

british money

…,and probably more today! – that swells who are inexplicably given the job of representing them, do not in consequence have a lifetime contract.

If a man is hired, he can also be fired. The man Grieve will not starve, and that’s for sure!

It is VERY telling, about Theresa the Appeaser’s true feelings towards the Brussels Empire, that she has urged a ‘Hands Off Remainiac Rats’ policy on her party’s rank and file.

NB –

May wants Grieve and all the other collaborationist ‘Conservatives’ left unhindered by democratic action in their various constituencies, left in peace to focus their malevolent attentions on their war on British independence.



She was a Remainer throughout the referendum campaign.

She has not changed.