Petition – Stop Filthy Perverts Polluting America!

More good work by Mass Resistance in America, where both local government and big biz hotels are welcoming disgusting perverts and disregarding the health hazards that accompany them.

Here’s one mayor who actually sent ‘an official welcoming letter’ to the sick creeps.


Frank G Jackson with Navy.jpg

Mayor of Cleveland, Frank C. Jackson


I’m not going to provide any more illustrations, but if you want to read all about the sleazy freaks, please go here- 


Then go here to help stop the pollution by signing the petition!

PLEASE: Go to our CitizenGo PetitionDEMANDING that the Cleveland Public Health authorities – the Mayor of Cleveland, Cleveland Dept. of Public Health, Cleveland City Council, and Cuyahoga County Council – STOP this unsafe event from taking place in April.