Italy’s Good Guy – Bad News For Robbers And Pinko Creeps!

Inspirational, the constant flow not just of fine sentiments but impressive reforms that Matteo Salvini keeps pushing through.


Avanti Popolo! Boot Out Crimmigrant Predators! 

And he’s done it again!

At the end of last month, he got a law passed ‘making it harder for judges to hand down tough sentences on people who shoot robbers on their premises.’

Frankly, anybody who shoots and better still kills a robber – especially if the robber has already staged a home invasion – should not get ANY kind of sentence, tough or otherwise.


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A public service medal would be an apter form of recognition!

This is a wonderful day for Italians,” he told reporters after the bill was passed in the Senate following its approval in the Chamber of Deputies.

“Finally we are definitively guaranteeing the sacrosanct principle of legitimate defence for people who are attacked in their homes, their shops or their bars.”



Incredibly, one of the objections raised sgainst the new law by ‘centre-left parties and magistrates’ is that it risks giving people the idea they can shoot intruders with impunity.’

And why the hell shouldn’t they!?!