Swiss Feds Subverting Democracy!

There’s a rank smell coming out of those Alpine valleys, and it’s not some goat-cheese that’s gone off.

It’s subversion, and brazen subversion at that, the Swiss Federal Council showing contempt for the country’s democratic practices and principles, trying to ‘take the wind out of the sails of a popular initiative calling for a nationwide burqa ban.’

Patriots in Switzerland are up in arms over these arrogant elitists, because the duty of that Council is to implement a popular initiative which got significantly more than the 100,000 signatures needed to require a nationwide referendum on the issue.


The in-crowd in Berne the Swiss ‘has rejected the initiative!’

The political establishment has dredged up a counterproposal, which was first mooted in late 2017 and is now up for consultation.

In a statement on that consultation process published on Wednesday, the Federal Council said it was “aware that covering the face can be problematic”. 


Problematic?’ Putting it mildly!


But the Council said it wanted “targeted action instead of a general ban on face coverings”.

In its statement, the government criticised the popular initiative for a nationwide burqa ban by saying it would see federal authorities overstepping their powers and entering into an area that was traditionally a matter for individual cantons.

But they added a few revealing comments to that defence of their antics, such as the feeble assertion that ‘Switzerland is a liberal society and the introduction of such a ban goes against that.’

Au contraire!


Switzerland, some Swiss might suggest, is a civilised European society!

Many, if not most, people, there as in much of Europe, have little time for ‘liberal’ nonsense, and cannot see how any coherent case can be made that masked primitives, or indeed  masked antifa red nazis, have some inexplicable ‘right’ to walk the streets alarming decent citizens.

Good people are speaking up…Image result for walter wobmann svp

…like Walter Wobmann, an MP for the patriot party, the SVP ( Swiss People’s Party) – he’s rightly denounced the plotters as ‘shameful’ and ‘slammed the Swiss government for failing to take account of the fact that the popular initiative would also address the problem of violent demonstrators and football hooligans who covered their faces.’

Good point! Red Nazi Antifa should certainly be included!

“In our culture, you show your face. The fact that you do this in front of the authorities is nothing new,” he said.,