Buying The Media – New Soros Threat To Poland!

When your country’s state media gets cleaned up, the left-liberal choke-hold at least partially broken, what do the Enemy Within do?

That’s a question that patriot Brits, French and Germans would love to be able to ask…

BBC Leftline, Lousier By The Week! 

media bias

After AfD Surge, DW’s Comrade Crane Spews Bilious Bias! 

…but there’s no sign yet that the resistance movements in their countries are going to cleanse the tax-funded propaganda pulpits – not anytime in the near future.



But in Poland, blessed with a government that has done its best to free the state media of bias…

The ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) wants to “bring back public media to the Poles,” said PiS MP Elzbieta Kruk during the debate at the Sejm, Poland’s lower house.

‘Ideologies and political orientations’

Kruk, herself a former chair of the National Broadcasting Council, said that public media “falsely presented as public opinion” ideologies and political orientations that were not supported by the majority of voters….


“The ethos rooted in Christianity and Polish traditions of freedom and independence is marginalised or discredited, while an ideological and moral fashion unacceptable to the majority of the population is ennobled,” she said.


…we are finding out what the Sorosoids have up their subversive sleeves.


Our enemies embrace


viz. …Polish newspaper publisher Agora and A FUND BACKED BY SOROS last week won a bid to buy Poland’s second-largest radio station…

Most of you won’t be aware that Agora is a privately-owned, left-liberal or liberal-left, oppositional part of the media…


…contrary to the dishonest picture pained by the media in-crowd in the West, Poland is a free and democratic country, where people and press enjoy the right to debate and speak against the government. 


Agora, whose assets include the Gazeta Wyborcza daily and a talk radio station…


Image result for agora agora poland


…is now in cahoots with something called SFS Ventures, a vehicle that includes a Soros-backed fund…

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In other words…

Clean up the state media and what happens is that filthy rich foreigners – like Soros, infamous for pushing an extremist, supranationalist agenda – buy their way into the commercial media.

These facts are no secret but I have deliberately opted to quote from a Forbes article by a hostile named Jo Harper.

Harper’s business-analysis skills may be acceptable but much of the rest of his piece is indigestible pseudo-intellectual gunk, not because of the way he writes but because of the ‘intellectuals’ he adduces to support his own left-liberal views, like the following quote from an –

 – Associate Professor of European history at Clemson University, who refers to this process as “redemptive cosmopolitanism,” which he defines as the “commemorative display of multi-ethnicity that celebrates the cathartic, redemptive transformation of Germans and Poles into tolerant democratic citizens.”

Have you EVER read such unmitigated, pretentious CRAP as that?

Harper can write coherently enough, so we should perhaps be grateful that he negates the message he wants to send by including such hogwash, insulting the intelligence of everyone who reads the attack on those, our Polish allies, whom he slurs as ‘old dogs.’


Long Live Poland!