Brexit Blues? Skip Shrinks, Start Fighting!

So the Mental Health Association has surveyed 1,800 people and found that ‘Brexit’ has left 40% of Brits feeling ‘angry, powerless or worried as the deadline approaches…?’

This story appears in many media under a Brexit headline, but in all honesty it should be under a banner headline proclaiming not Brexit, but the rotten MP rat-pack…




….that putrid parliament, as the key cause of stress.

I’m amazed it’s only four in ten are angry, because who wouldn’t be infuriated by those bare-faced Remainer MPs doing all they can to frustrate the people’s decision to get Britain out of the Brussels Empire?

And having been guaranteed that Parliament would honour the referendum result, only to watch helplessly as wreckers like Soubry, Clarke, Cooper and Corbyn brazenly seek to sabotage the exercise in self-determination…


…yes, millions do feel powerless.

But anger management, seeking stress relief by meditating, or childishly kicking the cat, is not the answer.

The ONLY solution is action, in whatever way possible!


Sign up with GBO, or LeaveEU, or Leave Means Leave.

If you’re in or near London and fit enough, get down to Westminster and join the patriot protestors.

up your, eu

Use the afore-mentioned organisations to find kindred spirits and picket your MP’s surgery!


Get hold of some leaflets and deliver them wherever you can.

If you are thousands of miles away, use your laptop, blog like me  – or send comments to every part of the media that has a Brexit story.

You are NOT ‘powerless!’

And if you don’t do everything in your power to fight the traitors, you will regret it till your dying day.

I know I would. 


An encouraging footnote –

“…the closer you get to London” which mostly voted to remain the EU during the referendum on the 23rd of June 2016, “the more people are worried…”

Since most British people are fully aware of how London is the Europhiliac epicentre, it may well be that their resentment of the disloyalty of so many ‘Londoners’ is worrying the collabos who live there. Treason, like most activities, carries consequences.