Ingrate Aliens Attack Greek Police – Time For Guns, Not Tear-Gas!

Let’s look at the migrant menace again, because…


…when on Saturday I channel-surfed to EuroNews, their 5pm ( Jakarta time) bulletin began with scenes of disgusting savages attacking Greek police near Thessaloniki.

They really are the scum of the earth, some of them. One alien brute was using a child (his own?) as a weapon to brandish at the brave cops.

It wasn’t as if the rabble had anything to protest about. They’ve been leeching off their hosts since they were ill-advisedly allowed into Greece instead of being forced back to Erdolf-Land.

Ingrate Erdolf’s Sleazy Rip-Off! 


Since their arrival, they have distinguished themselves by one bout of appallingly bad behaviour after another.

Ingrate Afghans – In Athens – Tell GREEK To “Go, Go!” 


The latest mayhem originated in Diavata, a migrant camp, after a rumour spread on social media suggesting that a border crossing would be opened for migrants.

Amazing, isn’t it, their arrogance?

They think they have a ‘right’ to impose their unpleasant presence on any country they take a fancy too, and please note they have an unerring instinct to target those countries with the most brimming welfare troughs.

Some ‘refugees,’ who cherish not any dream of a safe haven, but of digging their snouts into other people’s pockets.

Now they have shown their gratitude to Greece by ‘forcing a suspension of rail services’ and wielding sticks and stones at police, who responded with tear gas…



It’s about time these swine were taught a lesson.

If they had an ounce of common decency they would line the local streets and bow to every Greek who passes by.

Instead the ingrate scum run amok, disrupt public transport and attack the police.

Skip the tear-gas!

Live ammo is overdue!