Trump-Thumper Shrills Again – Lying BBC’s Hate-Line…Ooops, Dateline!

Once again the BBC’s gallery of verbose hacks, aka Dateline…




…featured Janet Daley, who inexplicably holds a job with the ‘right of centre’ Telegraph.

She’s American, but the old bat uses every opening available to insult America’s President.


Image result for janet daley

“I have no time for Trump at administration of ignoramuses….

Thus she began. Minutes later she continued… ”

“Trump is a fascist..”

This Trumpophobic battle-axe is entitled to her odious opinions, but if the BBC is going to keep inviting her back…




…then surely they have SOME minimal obligation as a tax-funded state broadcaster…


…to  live up to the patently dishonest claim they made, what, two years ago, when that former Dateline/Hateline presenter lied to the world with his now infamous boasted –

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 



Same old, same old, and once more we had another regular, a snotty condescending leftist named Rachel Shabi, whom we have discussed before…

‘Humanising’ ISIS Pigs – UK ‘Drama’ Wins Guardian Praise!  …=


Gambar terkait

Shabi  Guardian contributor Rachel Shabi goes on BBC and accuses Israel of murdering kids   

…who graciously declared that Britain’s just not ‘sophisticated’ enough to welcome being forced into another referendum.

Shabi, of course, is no doubt quite confident that she herself is sufficently ‘sophisticated’ – unlike the lowly electorate.




There was a bit of to and fro on this, between her and Daley, who can talk rationally about Brexit.

Both of them showed clearly they did not understand the origin of the word ‘sophisticated’



noun [ U ]

UK /ˈsɒf.ɪ.stri/ US /ˈsɑː.fɪ.stri/ formal

the clever use of arguments that seemtrue but are really false, in order to deceive people


The women somewhat over-shadowed Bernard Purcell, of the ‘Irish World,’ but he took us all by surprise when he chipped in sagaciously, to explain that many Brit voters ‘think that no deal is the status quo.’

Clever Bernard of course knows better!

Or so he’d have us think!

A Paddy issuing supercilious jibes at the thick Brits?

  Go figure!

And there was Jeff McCallister, an American left-liberal ‘author,’ who also unloaded on Trump – he made the idiotic claim that the administration of the ‘bombastic’  POTUS don’t know where Libya is!

Of course he felt he had to deride Brexit, which ‘’has never made sense to me.”

It’s time to shut down this charade. UK tax-payers do not deserve to bear the burden of a pinko propaganda circus hanging round their necks like a putrescent albatross.