More Guardian Grime – Yukky Queers, Traffic Havoc, Sicko Tripe!

The thrilling show culminates with the men passing a globule of saliva from mouth to mouth


It may be newsworthy, in the same way that a human being drowning in his or her own vomit might get headlines, but the Guardian’s editorial decision to publish not ‘news’ of the ‘event’ but instead the sicko opinion of a creepy character named Mark Fisher…


…who thinks the disgusting display, which is described in our first sentence, above, is…


How degenerate does it get?

But the article Fisher writes is not only nauseating but also revealing, of the essentially anti-social nature of Brazil’s far-left, who appear to have been driven even more deranged by the democratic election victory of Jair Bolsonaro…


Jair Bolsonaro


….who holds healthy and normal opinions about trans-freaks, queers and other maladjusted creatures.

Fisher admits this when he writes that a man like Bolsonaro would detest having to watch this sort of thing.

What sort of thing?

Fisher obligingly gives us an example of what Bolsonaro, like any decent human being, would find detestable watching.

Lobo (Wolf), a gloriously extravagant feast of male nudity…begins like some masochistic gym class, with 16 naked men running in circles, sweaty and breathless, crashing into each other before collapsing into a writhing, orgiastic heap.



Nor would Bolsonaro ( nor any decent person) want to be present at another show Fisher seems to admire.

…the Brazilian version of Jesus, Queen of Heaven by Edinburgh playwright Jo Clifford…


Image result for jo clifford

‘She?’ – Jo Clifford

…she stands naked before us as a “travesti”, in a blend of autobiography and polemics about a life spent under constant scrutiny.

“My body always comes before me,” she says, choosing to put her body firmly before us now, even stepping into the auditorium to let the audience touch. Several opt to hug her instead.


And blasphemous, but I’m not one of those who thinks blasphemers should be killed – just that if they put offensive garbage on stage, it should not be given unctuous attention by the media.

I thought at first that perhaps this nauseating article was some sort of decadent April Fool stunt by the Guardian – nobody can seriously appreciate filth like that.

But no, it was published on 29th March.

And Brazil’s traffic congestion?



That’s here in Jakarta, but Brazilians seem to suffer the same way!

On the traffic issue, Fisher seems to think we need to know about perverts who snog on the pedestrian crossing in same-sex couples..

Best thing to do if one happens to witness disgusting scenes like that is to call the cops and report any queers who thus flaunt their aberrant antics in public.

But what we do know, after wading through his turgid descriptions of a deliberate attempt by obnoxious extremists to make life miserable for their fellow-citizens, is that left-fanatics do not even recognise people trying to get home from an honest day’s work ( something the pervs and pinkos may know little about!) as ‘people!’

Weary commuters are not, in the kook view, even members of the public!

“We love the fight between the public and the traffic,” performer Carlos Canhameiro tells me later, remarkably uninjured. “The street belongs to you.”

By ‘you’ the weirdo evidently means his comrade weirdos, and the hell with any people not of his ilk – his red/pink/rainbow rabble seem to revel in making life hell for everyone else.

They seem unable to grasp that the ‘street’ belongs to motorists, surely, while the sidewalk is the proper place for pedestrians.

One wonders why the police were not ordered in to bring the leftist rabble under control.


And to detain the snogging homos for public indecency.

You may use the link to read the rubbish in its entirety, but I must offer a health warning – the main illustration is of four naked men, presumably to confirm what Freaky Fisher says  – that the local culture vultures are obsessively exhibitionist…

…In show after show, nudity takes on a political role…

How absurd, to say such a thing. Nudity has nothing to do with politics. As with the bare-ass asses at Westminster last week..

Brexit protest: Nude environmental protesters storm public gallery …

Image result for commons nude protest

…any resort to indecent exposure represents the inability of the show-alls to present persuasive arguments.

But when kooks get angry, they will produce even more cr-p than usual.

And boy, are they angry, because they’ve had their grubby snouts slapped off the tax-trough.




Artists are aghast at the swingeing cuts in a country that has dissolved its ministry of culture…


The entitled decadents are incandescent because their income depends no longer on their ability to act as leeches on the public purse…



Will enough Brazilians like their repulsive productions enough to put their hands in their pockets to pay for them?

Oh, yeah. The freakos are also fearful of the risk of ‘censorship.’

No bloody wonder!