Exposes Evil – So Danish Bureaucrat Creeps Aim To Steal Her Daughter?

I only got word of this tonight, but felt compelled to spread the news, of arrogant Danish bureaucrats who are threatening to grab a little girl from her foster parents.

The foster mum’s crime?

Exposing Islamist evil!

Breitbart broke the story about the Danish-Iranian blogger and author Jaleh Tavakoli..



Foster mum Jaleh

and I have to say it is appalling.

Although the slimy curs on the Social Supervisory Authority may be backing off after national uproar at their intrusions, it does make me ask again whose side a lot of tax-paid toe-rags, and not just in Denmark, are on.

It was just recently that a Christian from Iran –Theresa The Tormentor? Watching Over Christian Rights? Seriously?   – was told by a “British” bureaucrat that his creed wasn’t good enough reason to grant him refuge from the sectarian bigots who run his country.

Purge required!