If Brussels Deal Castrates British Democracy, Time For People’s War, People’s Army?


…her days in Downing Street numbered and Conservative MPs increasingly determined to oust her soon, the EU27 and Labour want their agreements with her to be “Boris-proof” so a Eurosceptic successor cannot tear up any deal they reach.



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  • No UK parliament can bind its successors.

That has long been a fundamental constitutional tenet. Now those swine in Brussels and the terrorist sympathiser Corbyn are ready to smash it to pieces.

When Theresa the Traitrix shuffles of the stage, then whoever succeeds her in 10 Downing Street, Boris Johnson, or any other Tory, or any politician, of whatever party, will be bound irreversibly ( if the EUSSR – and Corbyn – have their way) in subjugation to whatever foul pact the old baggage may make this month with Britain’s wannabe overlords.



So not only are the Europhiliacs treating the referendum result with contempt, but now also the principles of parliamentary sovereignty which they’ve been bitching about for months!

Revolution Rising?

If such a sell-out goes ahead, if democracy is emasculated, there’s only one option left.

People’s War, People’s Army.



One hopes that HM Armed Services will take the people’s side!