After Attack By Red Nazis, Vox Patriots Still Fight For Spain!

When red nazi scum resort to violence to suppress a legitimate party’s constitutional rights…


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…we have to think the victims have something useful to say!

And Santiago Abascal, leader of the patriot party in Spain, has indeed said something useful, a call for a wall to prevent incursions by violent savages, as seen in our previous posts…

Spain’s Irrepressible Suicide Urge! 

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…and he has argued that as Morocco “ sends waves of immigrants across the border” it should be one to pay for the cost of walls at the borders in Ceuta and Melilla, Spain’s two enclaves on the North African coast.


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In view of the serious injuries sustained by border security personnel – again as we reported – Senor Abascal is also spot on with his proposal that  the army should be sent in to patrol the borders until the walls are erected and should be given “the necessary orders” to defend them.

And the man’s plans for The Enemy Within, the ‘NGO’ subversives…



…sound at least as good if not better still!

He wants to stop “those NGOs that collaborate with mafias and go to the African coast to collect human trade…”\

And who can find fault with his summing up of what’s needed.

He believes that “the great wall that we should be building is a psychological one and consists of informing immigrants that those who enter illegally in Europe will never be able to regularize their situation nor will they have the right to stay, nor will they have social assistance, nor will they be given a health card,” he insists.

Great stuff!

BTW, there’s a link to a France24 video report, which records some of what a brilliant young lady told an enthusiastic Vox audience.

One assumes F24 figured their viewers are all lefties, like F24’s journo hack-pack…



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….and would be horrified by Rocio Monasteri’s  sound sense and brave words.

Far from it, in my case – she speaks for millions, in all our countries.

The election is on the 28th – fingers crossed for a good Vox vote!