German Collabo Parties Trample Fair Play!

That nice lady in the picture below is Mariana Harder-Kühnel, who, if the pro-crimmigrant parties in the Bundestag played fair, would be one of six deputy speakers.

But no chance of fair play while Mama Stasi Merkel’s clique rules the roost.

By tradition, the speaker has a deputy from each party, but to date the Bundestag has refused to support any AfD candidate for the post.’


Mariana Harder-Kuehnel AfD



There are some non-AfD members who still believe in fair play, because she got 199 votes and the AfD patriot party had just 92 members.

 But 423 did not, and it’s a readonable assumption that these included not just Merkel’slot and her Socialist coslition comrades, but also the ghastly leftist Greens…

=======.         .

green party red


….and the far-left Die Linke, the ideological heirs to the evil quisling party which ran East Germany, serving   as the puppets of the Soviet Union, for four long nightmare decades, near enough.

communism tyranny

…and yet such is the indifference of the German political in-crowd to that vile legacy that, whilst discriminating against the AfD patriots, they readily acquiesce in a membner of that red rat-pack holding one of the deputy speakerships.


The Die Linke deputy is a woman named Petra Pau, and here she is!

Petra Pau
Petra Pau.2163.jpg

Had she been just a kid when the Wall came down, one might make allowances, but she joined the puppet party in 1983, so made a mature decision in favour of complicity with evil . She has no excuses. .

Incidentally, she was also a member of the junior section of the Communist dictatorship’s equivalent of the Hitler Youth….

Mama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel?

Hasil gambar untuk stasi erika

Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? perhaps she sometimes reminisces with Mama Stasi on those days, for Merkel too was a red Pioneer part  Hitler