Should Your Town Be An Anti-Patriot No-Go Zone?

Do you get tired of how intolerant leftists arrogate to themselves the right to impose ‘no-go’ areas on their  political opponents?

’Patriot parties not welcome here!’

That kind of totalitarian sludge has pock-marked academia for years but in recent years has been heard more and more…



…..from the ugly side of political life, far-left gangs like ‘Hope Not Hate,’ and now Coventry’s Labour MP has started shrilling about which of her political opponents may be heard in  what she clearly considers her personal one-party state.

The old red battle-axe has just yelped that Nigel Farage is ‘not welcome’ in Coventry.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage arrives at Republican president-elect Donald Trump's Trump Tower in New York

Nigel Farage,


The uppity old  leftist must be running scared of her own constituents, who voted to leave the EUSSR.
But that does NOT empower her to call for her constituents to be denied the right to hear the arguments against her Europhiliac weaselling!

referndmlet peole vote

The local newspaper there has a poll running.

Use this link to vote down her outrageous intolerance.