Dirty Trick ‘Donkeys’ – Collabo Media Still Hide The Asses’ IDs

They must be among the most cowardly and contemptible cruds  in Britain today, outside of Westminster, of course.


…Campaign group Led By Donkeys, whose organisers want to remain anonymous … Sky News

Sky News Collaborates In Anonymous Ass Cover-Up! 

But what is worse is the role of the brave, investigative media,the hacks who dig and dig for years-old dodgy comments made by  patriots in order to undermine the patriot cause.

The very same hacks who, collaborating with the cover-up of who these Anti-Brexit Asses actually are, still refuse to do the job the people expect of them.

Not one single ass among the dirty donkey covert clique has yet been exposed –

Yellow-Belly Donkeys’ Dirty Tricks Again! Hands Off ‘March To Leave!’  

UK Media Cover-Up Dirty Donkeys’ I.D! 

Lack Of Investigative Journalism Skills? Or Deliberate Donkey Cover-Up? 

– the rotten media have not identified ANY of them.

Their latest low move?

Hi-jacking the Brexit Party’s website and calling it –

‘the home page of the No Brexit Party.’


Led By Donkeys

Infantile, malicious, but predictable.

But the media cover-up is far from infantile.

It’s a total malicious betrayal of media responsibility, shielding the subversive scumbags who fear any consequences, any come-back from their dirty tricks.

In effect, journo jerks in league with leftist lice.