Big Day For The Finns? Suomi Wakes Up!

A country I’m very fond of, going way back to when I ran the Helsinki Marathon, is holding its parliamentary elections today.



Sadly, like many another European nation, Finland has allowed far too many primitive savages  to take up residence  within its borders, ingrate, sectarian savages, who have demonstrated how foolish such importation was, and is!

And it’s not just jihadist beasts like that swine in  Turku…


…who have caused thinking Finns to wake up to the migrant menace, but also evil primitive predators who commit crimes against their children.


Predators and Child Molestors

 Finnish police have said around a quarter of last year’s 1,400 reports of sexual assaults against children involved suspects of foreign backgrounds — higher than the proportion of foreign-born people in the population, which is 6.6 percent.

Enter, or rather re-enter, the Finns Party.  These patriots have been around for a while, and, as the True Finns, did so well in 2017 that they entered government.

But the True Finns made too many concessions to join that coalition.

That caused a split, and the the F.P. has gone back to basics -and been rewarded with ever-rising popular support.

As well as high-handed hostility from the establishment.


elite arrogance-s

All too typically, the in-crowd parties have adopted a childish, anti-democratic stance towards the patriots.

People are being raped, people are being killed. But the other parties are only interested in whether the Finns Party’s support is going up,” says party leader Jussi Halla-aho.

The arrogance of those other parties…


…who have expressed distaste at the idea of joining a coalition with the Finns Party, is reminiscent of Mama Stasi’s collaborationists…

German Collabo Parties Trample Fair Play! 

..who constantly engage in discriminatory action against the AfD patriots.

But significantly, we read that ‘few have ruled out cooperation entirely!’


So let’s hope for two things today.

First, that the Finns give the patriot party huge support via the ballot box.

And second, that, if the Finns Party does as well as we hope, they will bend the other parties to their will and start large-scale deportations of those whose mind-set belongs in an alien landscape