May’s Remainer Minister Tells Pro-Decency Parents ‘Suck It Up!’

As far as Theresa May and her minion Damien Hinds are concerned, parents can complain as much as they wish, but they’ll not be allowed to get in the way of pro-pervert teachers out to indoctrinate their kids with the government’s approved Gaystapo agenda.


Hinds has ‘weighed in’ against parents’ rights, “warning that parents should not be given a veto on what schools teach…what is taught, and how, is ultimately a decision for the school.


Needless to say, this arrogant pronunciamento, a declaration  of war on every mum and dad who wants their children to learn all about decent family values and not the joys of a bugger’s’ menage, ‘was welcomed by headteachers who have been calling for more support from the government in the face of spreading protests…’


Arrogant pedagogues!

bow down

Bow down, or bend over?

Exactly how many of these headteachers are themselves engaged in aberrant sexual activity?

Nobody knows, of course, but it would be fascinating to find out how many have declared an interest.

Can’t blame them for trying to poison little kids’ minds – that’s what one expects of militant homos.


But we can blame  swine like Hinds and his anti-democratic  ideological dominatrix…


theresa tran


…for giving the gaystapo a green light to stomp parent protest, and for their Big Lie – that they are in any sense ‘conservative.’