Commissar Dick Stabs Londoners In The Back!

We noted how that pinko creep Cressida Dick went poring over law books to see if Boris Johnson could be prosecuted for his entirely reasonable comments on primitive bagheads.

Cressida ‘Thick’ Dick, is a prime example of everything a cop should not be.


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London’s ‘Thick Dick’ Cop – A Menace To Free Speech! 


The nasty old bat should peruse her law-books once again, surely, if she is so ignorant of  the statutes covering obstruction of the highway,  vandalism and disorderly conduct…



Climate Panickers


…an ignorance demonstrated beyond doubt by the way she put her police force under orders not to act against the criminal, malevolent Climate Panic pukes who created chaos in London yesterday.

The officers were perfectly capable of tackling the climate hysteria rabble.

They’d arrested over 100 scumbags on Monday, but…



…suddenly on Tuesday morning they simply stopped enforcing the law, issuing a craven declaration of  irresponsibility, a PC yammer about a ‘proportionate response!’

The Guardian quotes some arrogant climate clown thus-

“Suddenly, what Extinction Rebellion has done is actually say: ‘We are doing this.’ And the state is so weak through austerity that they can’t stop us.”




Uppity ass, that, who needs a lesson not just in manners, to get it into his thick skull that honest working folks’ right to work, and to get to work, come way up higher in order of importance  than his lousy layabouts’ “right” to create chaos in the streets of London…




…but also in the laws about peaceful protest, which do NOT, repeat not, include any right to instigate deliberate disruption and criminality.

But Thick Dick failed disgracefully to clear the streets, despite her officers undoubted access to tazers, water-cannon and tear-gas!

Gutless, gormless gargoyle!

Apart from any other consideration, it would have been a joy to see that unkempt and notorious nutjob, Rowan Williams, ex Archbish of Canterbury…


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Rowan Williams – a dangerous nutjob –

Adopt sharia law in Britain, says the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams’


…., dragged off for a night in the cells, where his gabbling about how ‘humans had declared war on nature’ would have been replaced by more pressing issues…




…like having to answer a call of nature, if he shared a cell with a half-dozen dodgy hippies.

Or did he just speechify, then leave it to the drones to confront the cops and cause havoc for decent Londoners who prefer work to pea-brained protest. ,