Gutenberg Geeksters – WordPress, Fire Your BLOCK-heads!

WordPress geeks need to learn that people do NOT appreciate being bullied into fancy tekky stuff that is no improvement on existing systems and in fact is ludicrously more complicated.

This post uses blocks from the new editor

There IS no ‘new editor.

I am the editor and don’t appreciate usurpers….

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…especially so-called ‘experts’ who have the nerve to ‘borrow’ the name of the great 15th century print pioneer Gutenberg, whose glorious achievement was to expand readership, not to hamper bloggers – though we didn’t of course exist back then!


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I had to spend more than an hour yesterday, trying to extricate my blog from a brief nightmare heralded by that alarming ‘BLOCK’ message you can see at the top of the page. 

It took a while, because the demented ‘BLOCK’ system totally screwed up a perfectly simple post I was drafting.

In the end, I pressed the ‘help’ button and I suspect they have had thousands doing the same, exasperated by the hardships imposed by whatever snooty twits conceived the bloody ‘block’ beast.


A pity the high-handed Gutenberg Geeksters are now giving us a two-year ultimatum, but as said earlier, a greater pity they didn’t ask us if we wanted this absurd innovation.

As bad as Yahoo, which has long treated users with similar disdain.

Left-Controlled Yahoo Bullies Users Into New Inferior Version – Again! 


YahooOath? Actually, It’s Clinton Fund-Raiser Verizon! 

…though I’ve no grounds (yet) to speculate if there are any political undertones to the mess they have dumped on us.

Anyway, for other disgruntled users, here you are, a way to get you out of the Gutenberg morass.

It’s worth pointing out that Gutenberg editor is the future of WordPress and it’s here to stay. The WordPress team will continue to support the Classic Editor through the end of 2021, giving you plenty of time to get familiar with Gutenberg.

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