Migrant Pedo-Rapist – Eire Judge’s Soft Sentence – A Sick Irish Joke?



I couldn’t be bothered to look for a photograph of the judge in Eire who handed down a sickly-soft sentence….

. ….



…when a filthy depraved migrant was convicted of multiple rapes against an under-age stepdaughter.

Foreign national who thought it was ‘okay under Irish law’ to rape step-daughter sentenced to a mere 12 years in jail


Instead I chose this…


….which surely sums up the judge-jerk’s asinine stupidity –

…in that he evidently pondered how hard it might be for the sleazy pig to spend serious time behind bars when the migrant pig’s English language skills were so abysmal!




– which is the kindest explanation of what Judge Michael White has done, to the young girl’s belief in justice. –

…the man denied the following counts: three counts of defiling the same girl between 2011 and 2017, one count of oral rape, 12 counts of rape, and another count of sexually exploiting the girl when he invited her to have sexual intercourse with him for 200 euros.

Despite his denial, jurors at the Central Criminal Court came back with guilty verdicts for each one of the charges. 

   – and to justice itself.