A Guardian Gargoyle’s ‘Eternal Truth!’

That Guardian gets worse every week!

After three London cops  disgraced their uniforms, brandishing perv power symbols during a demo organised by a Labour MP…..


Officers were pictured with LGBT flags at the protest against Brunei’s gay sex law

…. Scotland Yard quite properly ‘launched an investigation’ and a  Metropolitan Police statement said: “It is the policy of the MPS to police demonstrations without fear or favour and to remain impartial at all times.”

If that had not been done and said, decent Londoners would have lost whatever respect that might linger amongst normal Brits for those policing them.

But what do we hear from an unpleasant-looking woman in the Guardian but a demand for a gaystapo declaration, the foul female compounding her intolerance with an absurd assertion, that the aspirations of  pervert militants are no longer up for debate but instead are an ‘eternal truth!’


What else will be added to the demented leftist list of ever-lasting verities that are no longer subject to democratic discussion?

Free rein to all other perversions, even including those not ( not yet!) legalised?




The indisputable right of illegal aliens to gate-crash borders and dig their crimmigrant snouts  into your pockets?


End of days coming up fast!