UK Left Rag Dons Red Nazi Jackboot

One might have thought that The Independent is about as left as its gets, with the possible exception of The Guardian, in what we used to call Fleet Street.

Or so we thought.

Now that particular part of the UK media has aligned itself with the mind-set of the Red Nazi Antifa gangster movement…

Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece

Spain has banned the far-right Vox party from a TV debate. Why don’t we do the same to Ukip and Nigel Farage?

The Vox party is now polling 10 per cent in Spain, but the formerly fascist state understands the threat of a resurgent far-right. The UK should be listening

…..not in terms of masked hoodlums using gang violence to silence opposition…




…but by publishing that call to demolish British democracy.

Never mind that the smirking fanatic behind the jackboot call in The Independent seems to have been misinterpreting what has happened in Spain.

The tribunal in Madrid has indeed acted to silence Vox, but, whatever their true motivation…


….and it may well be ideological, the panel behind the ban has not justified its diktat with any reference to the unacceptably patriotic nature of the surging Spanish party.

Instead they have used the argument that the party, having had no previous electoral successes prior to their recent advance, does not yet merit a place in multi-party debates.



  • Chris Key
  • ===========
  • The arrogant leftist SOB, Chris Key,  given a bully pulpit by The Independent, in contrast, makes it VERY clear that its the ideology – national pride, self-determination…

  • britannia
  • …in pink-speak, ‘far-right’ – of Britain’s patriot movements that impels him to demand they be denied fair play during election campaigns.

  • The berk bleats about how patriot parties present their message.

  • As if the ConLabLibDem ruling class have not been radiating duplicitous rot for years, pretending to accept the people’s decision on Brexit, while doing all they can to subvert the bid for freedom, as well as pretending to care about Britain…

  • =Image result for ISIS theresa leaveeu


  • …whilst allowing hordes of alien parasites to pour in on absurd ‘asylum’ pretexts, and even bringing back jihadist scum who trotted off to join the ISIS rape-gang.

  • What Key cowers from is the already evident response to Farage’s message, his move to give Brits a fresh choice at the ballot box.

  • ..
  • UKIP leader Nigel Farage arrives at Republican president-elect Donald Trump's Trump Tower in New York

    Nigel Farage,

  • The Brexit Party, only a week or so old, is AHEAD of all others.

  • Why?

  • Because voters like what they hear.

  • Hence Chris the Creep’s desperate demand that the electorate’s access to the Brexit Party alternative’s voice –

  • – and to UKIP’s, and presumably to any party concerned about self-determination and the migrant menace, any ‘far-right’ party, in left-speak –

  • – be minimised by the in-crowd’s well-stacked agencies.

  • We know what the Electoral Commission is like, infested with Remainers and left-liberal…

  •  …four of the Elec10 commissioners, including the chairman, had made pronouncements on Brexit since the referendum – all of them backing Remain.

    The body’s code of conduct states that commissioners must “act at all times” to “uphold its impartiality”.

  • So who knows but that Creepy may get his wicked wish to get patriots excluded from  debates?

  • If democracy is dissed, then all other options are on.

  • He’d be wise to take that prospect into account before he makes more demands for censorship in the imminent battle for British freedom.