Rotten Cops Cavort With Climate Klutzes, Rough Up Patriots!

It’s bad enough the way Thick Dick’s goon squad manhandled Brexit activists…


Full force of the law (if you’re a Brexiteer)! Heavy-handed police shove Yellow Vest protesters outside Parliament… after skateboarding and raving with eco-anarchists in week….

…but it’s a bloody outrage that the goon-squad’s comrades, elsewhere in London, were cavorting like Keystone Cops among those Climate Panic anarchists.

Admittedly, the senior ranks took note of public indignation and expressed disapproval.

But that’s not good enough!

The miscreant officers can easily be identified and deserve instant dismissal.

We have seen this kind of disgraceful behaviour before…

Officers were pictured with LGBT flags at the protest against Brunei’s gay sex law




…but that was merely showing partisan biased policing. Clearly sackable, shaming the Met – but this latest?

Prancing about with anti-social scum who are creating havoc, preventing honest Brits going about their lawful business?

Not public servants at all, those ‘officers,’ but enemies of the people they’re paid to serve.

Yeah, their bully comrades are green-lighted to knock down patriots trying to make their voices heard at Westminster..



…but where are the tough tactics that would open up London’s thoroughfares?

Commissar Dick Stabs Londoners In The Back! 

As I suggested a week ago, water-cannon and tear-gas would soon have the rats on the run.




So why has Thick Dick not authorised effective action? Why aren’t truncheons knocking a modicum of sense into unkempt heads?

She needs to be replaced by somebody who puts law-abiding citizens’ rights ahead of a mangy rabble.